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Motion Detector Lights - Bright Ideas For Home Safety

Why come home to a dark house or slip on an icy sidewalk you can’t see? How about strange outdoor noises in the middle of the night? Motion detector lights are a must have for many homeowners. While homeowners have used them for many years, the three reasons why they use them are:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Convenience
  • Home security

With motion detectors you don’t have to leave your lights on all night. No reason to turn the outdoor lights on when you leave for the night just so when you return you’re able to see the door lock. Motion detectors will detect your movement coming up the sidewalk and automatically turn the light on. If there is no motion present, the light will turn itself off. This simple detection can mean sizable savings in energy costs and the convenience of having light when you need it the most.

One of the biggest reasons to installing a motion detector light is for home security. Motion detectors will illuminate potential intruders hiding in the bushes of your home. They can startle off burglars who use darkness to their advantage. Having motion lights installed at your home will make it more challenging for a burglar to break into your home as they do not want to risk being seen.

How Motion Lights Work

Motion detectors work by detecting infrared waves. These infrared rays sense heat given off by humans, animals and sometimes cars that an eye sensor in the light detects. When this motion is detected the light is electronically turned on. All motion lights have timers built in so that you can set the duration of how long the light stays on. The light will automatically shut off if no motion is detected. The built in photocell will keep the light off during the day when it is not needed.

Most motion detectors can be adjusted for how far they detect motion. The light emits a semicircle perimeter with a field of view up to 240 degrees and a distance range, which can extend 50 ft. or more. These lights can also be shut off and used as a regular switched light. This allows you to have the best of both worlds.

Placement of Motion Detectors

You should place motion detectors on all entries to your home. Light walkways, patio doors, fence gates and even dark areas of your yard. Also installing them on the corners of your home can help deter possible burglars. This makes it very difficult to get close to your home unseen.

Although motion detectors cannot guarantee your home will never be broken into, they do offer a low cost solution for increased protection. The safety, convenience and utility costs alone make owning these lights well worth their investment.


How To Install A Motion Detector Light
This is a great resource for installing a home motion detector light.



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