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About Us

This site was created to help other do-it-yourself home owners find some of the most common and uncommon repair answers they are looking for online. I wanted a simple site that could answer some of people's basic questions quick so they can get back to their projects. I wanted a site for the average home owner to do quick research.

I too am a long-time home owner and have done hundreds of repairs, updates and changes to both mine and many friends homes.  Projects have ranged from roofing, decks, landscaping, plumbing, electrical, flooring, you name it... the list is long. Just about everything on the house or in the yard that could possibly be repaired, updated or installed I've done it.

In addition to all of my personal experience, I have many friends that also contribute their knowledge to this site through professional articles. They all have professional expertise helping to add to the quality content you expect.

My intention is to:

  • Present home repair and remodeling information in an easy to understand, quick and useable format
  • Provide an inclusive website answering all your home repair and remodeling questions
  • Publish a community forum allowing other experts the chance to help you on your specific projects

It's my hope you get valuable information that can be of help to you. The information provided throughout this site is for informational purposes only. See Terms of Use.

Thank you, and good luck on your home projects!

Joe Johnson


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