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Protect Your Valuable Home and Your Invaluable Family With a Home Security System

Many houses do not have home security systems. That's odd, considering that most people's homes are their most valuable asset and most people's home contain their most invaluable assets - their families. Maybe people think it's too expensive or not worth it. If you've thought about installing a home security system and dismissed the idea as too expensive or a waste of money, or if you just haven't thought about it at all, at least take the time to think about these things.

What Do You Want to Protect?

If you live alone with few valuable possessions in a little starter house that you don't plan on being in for long and maybe have a black belt in karate, perhaps there's no need to install a security system. If you own anything of value or live with people you care about, it is worth it to have some sort of home security system.

Do You Live in A High-Crime Neighborhood?

Think about the likelihood that your home will be broken into, and then think again. Maybe you don't live next to a drug house, but that doesn't necessarily mean that your home is any less likely to be broken into. Statistics show that gated communities have just as many break-ins and just as much vandalism as non-gated communities. Otherwise safe college neighborhoods tend to have high numbers of burglaries. If you live in a more rural or suburban area and know your neighbors, you might not need an elaborate security system but know you still can be at risk.

Is Your Home a Natural Target?

Certain types of homes are more likely to be broken into than others. Homes surrounded by lush, mature landscaping are favored by prowlers and burglars because the landscaping provides cover. Old houses are another target because they may have weak doors or cracked, broken, or weak windows that are easy to break in. If your house is on a dark street and you are seldom home, it is a target. On the other hand, if your house is fronted by a large lawn stretching down to the neighborhood watch sign on the curb, burglars and vandals are likely to pass it up in favor of an easier target.

Can You Get a Homeowners' Insurance Discount for Installing a Home Security System?

Most insurance carriers will discount homeowners' insurance premiums for installing security systems. You can get a discount for doing something as simple as installing a deadbolt, and more sophisticated systems usually get steeper discounts. Call your home owners insurance agent for more information.

What Home Security Options Are There?

Having a home security system does not mean that you have to have a burglar alarm installed. There are other "low-tech" options out there that may better suit your needs. You could install motion sensor lights and bars on your doors and windows. Install deadbolts on all your doors and a wide-angle peep hole in your front door. Make sure that all your exterior doors, including sliding and patio doors, have a key lock and can't be lifted out of their frames. Get to know your neighbors and form a neighborhood watch group. Create the illusion that you have a home security system: put decals on your windows that say you have a system; hang up "Beware of Dog" signs even if you don't have a dog.

It used to be that a good home security system meant you locked your doors at night, owned a dog and maybe kept a baseball bat in the umbrella stand. These days, such simple techniques will not work. Even if you go with a low-tech home security system, you should be doing something to protect your home, your family, and your peace of mind.



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