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Weatherproofing Windows - Seal Your Windows For Big Energy Savings

Can you feel a draft blowing through a closed window? Do you often find spider webs next to windows in your home? These are signs that your windows are not airtight and should be inspected.

Every year you should inspect your windows for broken seals or signs of air leaks. I often do this while I clean them in the spring and fall. Any windowpanes that are cracked or broken must be replaced. Windows that have cracked or missing caulk should be replaced as well.

Remove any loose caulk from the windowpanes. Then re-caulk any windowpane or seam with new caulk. For outdoor use it’s best to use a Silicon-Latex blended caulk. Silicon-Latex caulk has a 20+ years life expectancy with good elasticity and will stick to most surfaces. It also resist moisture and some can be painted so you can keep your home looking it’s best.

Next, check the perimeter of the window on the inside of your house. If you can feel air leaking through the edges where the window meets the jam and does not open, then you can use a simple indoor caulking that will seal it off.

TIP: Clean your windows regularly. Keep dirt and mold from collecting on or around caulked joints. Over time mold build-up can affect caulking and cause premature ageing.

Winter Window Insulation

During cold winter months another way you can reduce energy costs is by installing a simple 3M-window insulator kit. They are easy to install and they fit all size windows and doors. These kits help keep the cold air out and the warm air in helping reduce your monthly energy bills.


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