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Foundation Repairs - What To Look For

Small cracks in your foundation can look harmless however it doesn’t take much for the elements to make their way into your home. Cold air and heat are lost through such foundation cracks or holes. Water will damage foundations as well if cracks are left untreated. They also allow a great entry point for rodents and pests. In cold weather rodents will do anything to get in where it is warm. That's why it's important to make foundation repairs as soon as you see these signs.

This fall do a thorough inspection of the perimeter of your home. Check for any signs of cracks or holes in the block of your foundation. If so repair them. You can buy cement patch or filler depending on the size of the crack or hole.

Look for small holes in siding or stucco and repair them immediately. Also check all cables, water spigots, and air-conditioning pipes to make sure they are properly caulked where they enter the home. Many rodents will chew through old caulking and insulation to gain access to your home. These gaps allow your heating energy to escape and these costs add up.

Though caulking or silicone is recommended for large jobs on such entry points, you can use expanding foam like “Great Stuff” for cracks that are small enough, like under inch. You spray expanding foam into the crack then it expands sealing drafts airtight. This foam can also be painted to keep looking nice and will work both in and outdoors.

Simple home maintenance like foundation repairs will save you energy, money, future costly repairs and the frustration of dealing with those pesky rodents. It’s easy and inexpensive but be sure to do it before the weather gets too cold. Many of the caulks and sealers cannot cure properly in colder temperatures.


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