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Weatherproofing Doors - The Drafts Stops Here

An improperly sealed home door is often where people lose extensive amounts of heat during cold winter months. Over time rubber or vinyl door seals dry out and break down. The rubber fails to make a seal allowing cold air through the door.

This fall check your home doors for proper weatherproofing. If your doors do not have a tight seal, replace the outer vinyl weather-stripping and door sweep. The door sweep is attached to the bottom of the door and is made from vinyl or rubber. Once the door is closed the sweep makes contact with the metal threshold that is anchored to the floor providing a tight seal. If the vinyl sweep looks warn or doesn't make contact with the threshold replace it, as this will reduce your energy costs.

For added insulation, install inch foam weather-stripping tape between the door and the door jam. Weather-stripping tape is sold in long rolls and comes in various sizes. The backing peels off exposing the sticky side of the tape. Clean your door jams thoroughly before applying the weather-stripping. Stick this tape to the top and both sides of the door jam. Once the door is closed it will provide added protection to help stop cold air leaks.

TIP: If you currently only use a screen door, consider installing a glass sealed storm door to increase energy savings. These doors reduce the cold winds, rain, and snow from ever reaching your home door and can reduce drafts up to 75%.


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