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Whether They're Big or Small, Home Remodeling Projects Breathe New Life into Your Old Home

No matter how much we love our homes when we first move in, at some point, we grow weary of looking at the same interiors day after day and are ready to make some changes, some updates and improvements. Home remodeling can be as extensive as completely renovating a kitchen or as simple as painting the bathroom. If you're a little leery of making any permanent changes to your house, no matter how small, you can still feel as if you've completely renovated your home by updating your interior decorating. The options for making home renovations are endless, so we'll just go through a couple of ideas here to get your decorating juices flowing.

The Big

Big renovations don't necessarily mean that you add on a bathroom or tear down that wall separating your kitchen and dining room, but big renovations usually happen in those two rooms. If you're going to do some serious home improvements, do it in either the kitchen or the bathroom, and you're likely to get more use out of the renovations and to get some money out of them if you eventually sell your home. These days, people seem to want more bathrooms and bigger bathrooms and modern looking fixtures. For kitchens, bigger is also better, but if you won't be expanding the size of your kitchen, then update it with sleek, professional looking appliances and fixtures.

The Small

Does your dining room feel a little cramped? Try changing your window treatments to sheer curtains or shades. Sheer window treatments let in ample, soft light, even when they're open, making both your windows and room appear larger. The clean lines of such treatments will de-clutter your walls and windows, also making the room appear larger.

Want a living room look that's up-to-the-minute chic without spending a ton of money? Update with trendy accessories. Toss around a few animal print throw pillows. Turn on the cool with a tangerine table lamp. A small Flocati rug is retro-hip.

The In-Between

Paint every room in your house a different color: cool blue for the bathroom, warm red for the living room. Hang wallpaper if you want some patterns. Stencils are neat, though faux finishes are out these days.

A neat thing to do if you have a bay window is to turn it into a lush oasis by filling it with tropical houseplants. For dense greenery plant calathea, ficus, syngonium, and alocasia. To get tropical color, plant bromeliads, cyclamen, and anthurium. Put a couple of wicker or rattan chairs in the area and you'll feel like you're sitting in a luxuriant, tropical garden without even going outside.

It's easy to make small updates to your home, and fun to make big home renovations. If you think your interior design could use some updating, don't be afraid to jump into some home remodeling projects big, small and every size in between.



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