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When It's More than A House Repair Project

Perhaps more than anything else, doing your own house repairs imparts a sense of pride in you as a homeowner. You have accomplished something when you have nurtured a landscape from a few scattered saplings and shrubs to a cool, green haven. It's reassuring to know your family sleeps safe at night because of the home security system you installed. You glow with pride when guests comment on how inviting your living room is and settle in on the couch for warm conversation. Happiness is gathering your friends and family for a leisurely summer barbeque on the cedar deck you just built. Sweat equity is more than a way to increase the value of your home to future buyers; it is a way to enhance the value of your home to you.

It's a Way of Life...

Do you have a list of home improvement projects that, somehow, never seems to end? Do you get up at the break of dawn on weekends to clean the pool, reseed the lawn, repair the screens, and weather-strip the doors without even being asked? Does your mother envy your annual flower garden and ask you for tips on painting her flower box? Do you look forward to Saturday afternoon when everyone's out of the house and it's just you, some lumber, and the unfinished basement? Do you invite friends and family over for a barbeque or dinner every Sunday so they can admire the cedar deck you just built or the way you improved the flagstone walk or the landscape lighting you installed?

Of course you do, because to you, do it yourself means more than just scratching a few chores off the list. It means you revel in challenges, big and small; you set goals and achieve them; you are creative and like to share your creativity with others. Do it yourself means you revel in your ability to take care of your house, your family. You know the value proper home maintenance and you know you can expect to have that value returned to you while you live in your home and when you sell it, and you're proud to have created that value.

We Can Show You How to Do It Right.

Increasingly, do-it-yourselfers are turning to the Internet to research all aspects of home improvement ranging from professional-looking landscaping ideas to securing home improvement loans to basic home repair tips. Handy homeowners are finding that using the Internet to purchase home improvement products and tools allows them to spend less time and energy shopping and more time improving their houses. Whether you're remodeling the kitchen and need a detailed instructions for laying a new counter or installing new plumbing in the bathroom and just need a few quick tips, with the Internet, all the information you need is at your fingertips. Unfortunately, all the information you need is not always contained in one, helpful, trustworthy location. Often, long hours of internet research yield little more than link after link to someone who wants to sell you something – lawn mowers, contracting services, dining room tables, you name it. All that has a purpose, especially when your comparison shopping for your home improvement needs, but sometimes what you really need is good, reliable, detailed, information. That's where we come in.

Our site is your gateway to a world of information on home improvement. Here you will receive helpful advice on everything you need to know as a home owner. There are home repair tips; landscape help; interior decorating suggestions; home remodeling ideas; and guides to help you figure out what type of home improvement loan is right for you. We maintain this site with the same care and dedication you use to maintain your house, and we hope it will become as valuable to you, too.



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