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How To Weatherproof Your Home

Before the cold weather blows or the hot summer hits, it’s important to know how to weatherproof your home for all seasons. Did you know that heating and cooling your home can add up to 56% of your energy costs? The air leaks from an average sized home can add up to a medium sized window being left halfway open. By sealing all the small cracks and openings in your home while making your home much more comfortable you will be reducing your energy costs significantly.

All homes take a beating from Mother Nature. Over time homes become more and more susceptible to air leaks and foundation cracking making it more important to properly weatherproof your home. Window caulking and door seals dry up and crack causing the airtight seal to leak. Foundation cracks (besides an energy vacuum) are often the entry points of pests such as bugs, mice and other rodents. These typical repairs if left untreated can lead to high-energy costs and unwanted pests in the home or garage. So where should you start? Let's get to weatherproofing your home from the outside in.



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